The Use of Carbon Dioxide in a Greenhouse

 The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Greenhouses and Outdoor Structures

Carbon dioxide in a greenhouse is very important and plays a major part during the phase of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the chemical process where light is changed over into carbon dioxide in green plants. The sugars that are produced from this process are used for the purpose of growth inside of the plant by breathing. As the main aim to many of you that do run greenhouses, it would be in pushing up the levels of dry matter as well as optimizing growth and this would then improve the growth as well as the vigor of your production. 

When diffusion occurs, this is the way that the carbon dioxide enters the plant. On the under side of the leaves you would find the cells that are called Stomata. These would be the specialized cells. The cells open up and then close again and this process allows for the switch over of gases to take place.  

Sources of Carbon Dioxide

The way that you are able to get carbon dioxide at a faster rate is by burning fuels that are carbon based. Understanding this process is key to maintaining the correct greenhouse gardening expectations. You will find this works well with propane, kerosene, as well as natural gases. You could use pure carbon dioxide tanks if you prefer. You have to bear in mind that each of the above mentioned gases does have advantages as well as disadvantages.

With Kerosene and Propane, you will not only get a source of carbon dioxide but this process will also produce heat and this would disrupt with the temperature that you are trying to uphold in your greenhouse.

Fuels do contain sulphur, and it would be a good idea to make known to the supplier what it is that you intend on using the gases for. Fuel combustion generates moisture. 


Extra level of Carbon Dioxide

In this day and age many greenhouse caretakers keep an eye on and are in charge of the environment inside the greenhouse. This could easily be done by installing a computer system that would read the factors of the inside environment. Popular greenhouse manufacturers will construct the greenhouse to lock in carbon dioxide. The infrared gas analyzer would usually be the optimum choice product in this instance. This item allows for the maintaining of the carbon dioxide levels.  

It is mostly recommended that you have reached your suitable level of carbon dioxide in your greenhouse; you should keep all doors and ventilation closed to increase the efficiency of the carbon dioxide levels. You may set the levels of carbon dioxide to the level of light at any given point.   

When should Carbon Dioxide be used?

Photosynthesis normally takes place during the daytime as it requires solar light to happen, therefore you have to bear in mind that carbon dioxide is not needed at the nighttime, and for greenhouse gardening during winter.

During the cloudy or dull days photosynthesis would take place but at a much lower rate. The optional time at when to start your carbon dioxide would be one hour before the sun rises, and at one hour before the sunset you may switch down the system.

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