TOP 5 Best Latest Mid-Range Smartphone 2018

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TOP 5 Best Latest Mid-Range Smartphone 2018

Formulating this category was tricky, since you can’t set an exact price and some of these devices are, in fact, the flagship phones of their respective brands. To simplify things, we chose a price range that simply sits between our other lists for best budget, upper-midrange, and premium smartphones.


When premium phones are out of financial reach and entry-level handsets just don’t make your cut, something in between is the next best thing. This is our updated list of the best midrange smartphones retailing from US$ 200 to US$ 400.

Honor Play ($290)

This phone proves that you can have flagship performance in a midrange offering. With the same processor as the one inside the premium Huawei P20 Pro, the Honor Play is an absolute beast for mobile gaming on the go, especially with GPU Turbo enhancement out of the box.

REVIEW: Honor Play

Vivo V11 ($400)

How can you go wrong with an in-display fingerprint scanner on a decently priced midrange smartphone? There’s little to dislike with the Vivo V11, as it also comes with a speedy Snapdragon 660 processor and a bright AMOLED display around the well-designed notch.

REVIEW: Vivo V11

Xiaomi Mi A2 (EUR 249)

The follow-up to the widely popular Mi A1 is here, and it’s packing lots of power. With a faster processor, larger screen, and the same pure Android interface we all know and love, the Mi A2 provides a Pixel-like experience at a fraction of the cost.

REVIEW: Xiaomi Mi A2

Honor 8X (EUR 249)

Honor is once again disrupting the market with yet another nicely valued phone in the Honor 8X. Its specifications and features match those of more expensive phones, while the build quality and screen size excel in most cases.

REVIEW: Honor 8X

Pocophone F1 ($300)

No surprises here; the Pocophone F1 is the slayer of flagship killers with its unbelievable specs and features at such an affordable price point. Its high-end Snapdragon 845 processor, generous amount of memory and storage, as well as Xiaomi’s own MIUI software make this a powerhouse through and through.