The best places to travel in August

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The best places to travel in August

The weather in most of Europe is pleasant in August. The ideal is to take advantage of the fact that rain and cold are absent to visit countries in Northern Europe where temperatures are usually lower.

It is the case of Ireland with its pubs and its people with an excellent living know how. Germany also presents a number of magnificent places to discover. The Netherlands is usually an excellent choice. If you prefer the beach, this country, with its islands and its coasts, will make your stay an unforgettable moment.



Peru remains a favorite destination of South America during the summer. Central America is a victim of heavy rains and rainfall, so the best summer country to visit is the United States, or the countries of South America, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. In winter, these countries allow you to escape from the cold and take advantage of a torrid heat.


In August , the Asian continent is suffering from heavy rains and the monsoon, so there are few viable options. Among these are Bali and, the islands of Indonesia and some cities of India . It is preferable to forget the other countries if you do not want to have a vacation too humid.


The Moroccan coast, Tanzania and Kenya are excellent elections for the month of August. In the rest of the continent, temperatures are high and can be overwhelming for tourists .