SanDisk microSD memory card for 400 GB is estimated at $ 250

Western Digital introduced the SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I memory cardvery long namerecord for this format of 400 GB. SanDisk engineers took two years to double the maximum capacity of miniature media, however, until they reached half of the theoretically possible volume of 2 TB. The new microSD card supports a read speed of up to 100 megabytes per second and is compliant with the App Performance Class (A1) standard, which ensures fast application downloads on smartphones. According to the manufacturer, the card will fit up to 40 hours of Full HD video. In the US, it can already be bought for $ 250. A model with a capacity of 256 GB from the same line of SanDisk Ultra will cost $ 150. The company Microdia in 2015, threatened to issue a 512 GB card, but apparently the expected price of $ 1000 forced to review the plans and wait a bit longer with the release. By the way, Kingston this year presented a monstrous USB flash drive DataTraveler Ultimate GT for 2 TB.