Samsung Galaxy Beam 3 leaked with 4 GB RAM,4500 mAH, dual 16MP, HD projector

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Samsung Galaxy Beam 3 leaked with 4 GB RAM,4500 mAH, dual 16MP, HD projector

hi I'm really excited about this post because today we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Beam 3. we have a new leak that shows us the Galaxy Beam three that should appear at the end of the year renders have now appeared on and offers a rather unusual design Samsung’s III is giving the idea of stuffing a projector into a phone one more try and is going to be selling it soon concept phones all over the world include one feature that has yet to make it into mainstream devices the idea that your phone can either


Double as a projector for content or use a short for a projector to emulate a keyboard is the stuff dreams are made of but it’s not exactly practical given the current state of both projector and battery technology the Samsung Galaxy Beam is the closest we’ve seen to a wholehearted attempt at this concept but

the last two versions Samsung released haven’t exactly been top-selling devices this isn’t enough to stop them from trying again instead of a galaxy s7 that have been modified to include a projector Samsung has opted to offer a crippled phone with meet respect and an older version of Android the Super AMOLED 5.1 inches display sits on top of an octal-core 1/8 gigahertz processor with 3 gigabytes of RAM enjoy 7.0 music power Cisco brushed metal 4G phone that seems to have a dedicated projector buttons that like previous models beams everything that is on the phone display it seems unlikely that we’ll see the Galaxy pin 3 reach major smartphone markets outside of China but project your fans can keep the hope alive that

Samsung will one day deliver a high-end phone with this feature a standard.