Preview of the Riotoro Ghostwriter Classic. Game membrane

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Preview of the Riotoro Ghostwriter Classic. Game membrane

We are used to the fact that a modern gaming keyboard simply has to be built on the basis of mechanical switches.

This allows the player to experience tactile feedback, the response time is shorter and the service time for such a gadget is much higher than most membrane options. However, Riotoro Ghostwriter Classic is a gaming device, there is no doubt even on the basis of design, and it is built on the membrane.


The manufacturer decided that for certain reasons, mechanical switches do not make sense - they only increase the cost of the product, although not everyone needs mechanics. There are also gamers who want a decent device for adequate money, not aiming at eSports, right? Here for them a novelty was created, now you can get a cool device and do not spend all the money from your wallet. And today I will tell you,

Body Design

Let’s start with the fact that the keyboard is big enough and takes up a lot of space on your desktop - the manufacturer decided not to reduce the size of the device and left the digital block, plus the indents to the right, left and top of the keys are decent enough so that the whole compact keyboard can not be called. But between the keys there is enough space for blind printing, a large space, a correct key layout and in the right upper part there is a convenient volume switch in the form of a cushion, it’s just a chic thing for an active player - you can spin the battle to the desired limit without distraction from the battle. Also, the keyboard is supplied with a small wrist rest, although it’s okay - a little I got excited, the stand is almost like half the width of the keyboard. All this looks very organic, especially on the black case red stripes look good.


There is a membrane inside the keyboard, there are no mechanical switches, and here many players will start saying that playing on the membrane is bad and so on. In fact, the membrane also has its advantages over the mechanics - the membrane keyboard is very quiet, you can even go to virtual battles in the middle of the night and wake no one, plus the membrane is noticeably cheaper, which is also a big advantage. Yes, and the developer says that he put here is not some ordinary membrane, but a real gaming device that can live longer than competitors.


The keyboard supports 25 simultaneous keystrokes and I personally do not quite understand how a player can instantly click so much to immediately glory. However, you will have such an opportunity. The keyboard has a backlighting of the keys, although there are several colors and there are backlight modes that will vary your desktop. Total backlight colors are eight pieces and four brightness modes. The response time is 1 ms, on the back of the keyboard there are two USB ports for connecting additional peripherals. All the necessary elements are here, it pleases.

The result

The manufacturer has not yet named the cost of its keyboard, so we can not talk about possible competitors. If the gadget fits into its segment and does not scare us with high cost, then users will definitely want to purchase the device - the design and characteristics are good enough. If the price is at least slightly higher than competitors, then no one will take this gadget-there’s no highlight, it’s a fairly simple option for a gamer who does not want or can not afford mechanics. Let’s wait for the price tag and return to this topic again, when it will be possible to compare something.